Jack of All Trades

So this is where I explain a little about myself...

Uhh... I'm kind of goofy and I love to laugh and make people laugh. I'm really into reading and writing. That's what I do, I play with words. I love movies that's my love. I wanna write and direct them some day.

I fell in love with Jimi Hendrix in 9th grade and then Elvis in 10th so I'm all over the place. I feel like music can be the soundtrack to your life so I like to branch out and just find "good" music. I play guitar, piano, and drums. NONE OF THEM VERY WELL, but still.

I just want to be a part of everyhting I can because there's so much in the world. Other than that I have no idea.
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Seriously?! How hard is it to spell right? Your a fucking adult stop trying to look cute with your little twist on words.

Dude these chips better be solid gold.

What has happened to me?! 😭

Packed all this shit just to put it behind the COF for 7 hours.

How that came out I don’t know. That was me this time not autocorrect.

Hahaha, he’s so funny.

👎 Spartans epic fail. Back to being the shit platoon. 💩😔

Maybe rethink the design structure on this…

Look what we made for our PLT SGT.

The most perfect picture. #nofilter #real-life #sisters #twins

"Burgerville, USA"

😥🔥💦 84 DEGREES! Indoors!!

1 down… A million more to go.

Level 2 OC. Wasn’t too bad. Still will never do level 1 again.

Beer 🍻 and Food 🍔.